Jay, a 26 year old university graduate working as a grunt in an outsourced inbound call centre and going nowhere fast, has always apologised to the world for existing. With barely any social skills, too much chub round his middle and no luck with women, unless bad luck counts, Jay’s life is stuck on hold and his job is hanging by a thread. If only he could sell more Wonder Product 4000s…

Em, a 30 year old university graduate working as a team leader in the same company as Jay, has the life he wishes he could have. Confident, sexy and working hard on her escape plan, Em’s outlook on life is to decide what she wants and go for it, whether that’s her career, her sex life or her dreams. There’s no time to waste in this life; how long have you really got?

How Long Have You Really Got? is an adult romantic comedy novella and is not suitable for children.

*N.B. The book is semi-autobiographical, but it is also heavily fictionalised; no similarities to any actual persons living or dead should be inferred.

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