Do you have a wife?


Yes, you went ahead and did it, took the plunge and got married. And now, it’s too late to give her back and you’ve realised what an unmitigated disaster the unattended woman makes of everything.


Never fear


The marriage guidance writers of the world renowned Institute of spousal correction, Wife Maintenance Quarterly, are here to help. Whether you’ve got a fat frau, an insolent missus or a lazy wretch of a little woman, we’ve got just the right insider knowledge on which nuts to tweak to get your capsizing marriage ship-shape and tight as an au pair’s briefs.


Wife Maintenance Quarterly is primarily intended for new husbands, but it is also of use to old hands looking for tips on how to train and how to get the best out of their wives, singletons who’ve heard bad things and are afraid of making the plunge and, of course, women themselves looking for advice on how to be the best little wives they can be.*


Whatever your marital situation, make room for Wife Maintenance Quarterly on your bookshelf!


*Statistics show that at least 1 in 3 adult women can read.


Wife Maintenance Quarterly II is the sequel to Wife Maintenance Quarterly, and you can read about that here.


Wife Maintenance Quarterly II is an adult satirical comedy book and is not suitable for children.

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