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When a sneaky, festive, extra-marital tryst ends in a double murder and suicidal bloodbath, you can be certain that there will hell to pay.


Charles, for his sins, finds that he’s been accepted for an eternal stay in the luxurious office buildings of Hell. The only people in all of Hell who seem to care at all are Charles’ co-worker, Jocelyn, and a demon taxi driver called Pudenda. Nothing about the place is fair or reasonable and there is nothing that anybody can do about it. From the Vengeance Is Mine versus An Eye For An Eye court case, through murderous team building with Viking raiders and a special Hellympic Games, Hell seems to have gotten itself lost in a mire of rules and compliance. Can Charles make sense of it all before Hell grinds him down to a terrified, quivering mess, or will he just keep his head down and do as he is told?


Admin Is Hell is a short novel about life, sin, the afterlife, belief and doing the right thing. The story follows the journey of possibly the most unremarkable and insignificant sinner in all of Hell as he struggles to understand his job, his surroundings and the meaning of everything that is. It is clear from the very outset that if Hell is looking for a hero, Charles is not the man for the job.


Admin Is Hell is an adult horror book and is not suitable for children.


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