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The Box Of Mirrors is a short, surreal comedy novel about the time that Sebastian England found that he was held against his will inside his own head. The story follows the actions of the various departments and workers inside Sebastian’s head as they scramble to save their town from the cataclysm that is about to be unleashed.


In a broken, disjointed, often badly informed manner, people like Courier, Archivist and The Agent do their utmost to avert the coming disaster, but their efforts are hampered by the minions of Despair. Will Sebastian figure out just why he’s stuck in his own mind before the town’s lights go out forever, or, will his crushing ineptitude see him still clueless even as the axe falls?


The Box Of Mirrors, written in 2004-2008, was the last novel that Michelle wrote before her brain injury and so it reads very differently to her more recent books.


The Box Of Mirrors is an adult mental health/comedy book and is not suitable for children.

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